5 is the first medicinal plants back pain is extremely effective
Below is a list of herbs extremely familiar in your family, but it has a healing back pain is very effective

Relieve back pain with nail root steering



In traditional medicine nail steering is like "southern ginseng" because it has great healing effects for additional gas depletion. Roots nail steering was scientifically proven to contain 13 different amino acids such as lysine, xytein, vitamin B1 ... In addition it but some of the other beneficial substances such as saponin trerpe, alcalot.

Usage: Use the steering nail color from 20-30g cheap drink daily to treat back pain.


Relieve back pain with leaves guise



Leaves famous guise guise leaf rolls. The very popular Vietnamese dish. However, besides the use as food, also leaves the guise of healing.

According to traditional medicine, the leaves posing with analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is often used to treat back pain, those tired limbs.

Usage: peeling combined with wormwood leaf ratio 1: 1, then pound, add vinegar processing, distillation warming. Then up and compresses 2 times. Very effective analgesic.


Relieve back pain with wormwood



The composition of wormwood oil has Cineol, Matricaria dehydrocholesteryl esters, tricosanol, archly ... we are capable of cure neuralgia, rheumatism ...

How to use: Apply wormwood leaves washed, roasted or sauteed with hot vinegar. Spread the bed of fresh banana leaves, fried to put wormwood. Then lie on your back, put back into wormwood. Or stomach, warming up wormwood waist.

Note: Avoid constant, long day. Those heat-yin, hypertension, pregnancy is not recommended.


Relieve back pain with hot peppers



According to traditional medicine, herbs South peppers are capable of pain, avoid welding. Modern scientific analysis also shows that the quality capsicain peppers can stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins have the ability to numb the pain. You can use chili leaves hoacqua otde back pain treatment.

Usage: 15 fruit ripening peppers, 3 leaves of papaya, peppers 80g only natural roots, small grinding, soaking alcohol at the rate 1/2, used for massaging lumbar pain each occurrence.

50g or chili leaves, washed, pound, roasted and then add a little hot wine, wrapped in a cloth bag to pack your pain medication when hot. 1 time per day instead of drugs. When cold medicine can roast 1-2 times.


Relieve back pain with fresh ginger


Quality of spicy fresh ginger has been shown to be resistant to oxidation, especially instant pain relief back pain.

Use: 20g fresh ginger, onions 15g, 30g flour hot stars and meet up sore.

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