Pepper pork belly stew - delicious extremely good healing
Stomach stew pepper - easy to make dishes, not bored even better for the stomach disease and many other diseases

According ThS.BS Hoang Khanh Toan, Chairman of the Department of Traditional Medicine, Central Military Hospital 108, sweet pork belly warming, which uses pressure-interest events, additional damage disadvantages. Dishes medicine, in addition to supporting the treatment of gastric diseases are also used to treat many different ailments such as body weakness, anemia, hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, diabetes, urinary disorders , sa uterus, di fine, child malnutrition, sweating a lot at night.



The results of modern research shows, pig stomach is rich in protein, fat sugar, trace elements and vitamins A, B, and B12. In addition, some men like pepsin, gastrin and gastric mucoitin. The treatment uses pig stomach gastritis, is based on the doctrine of "contract for gas equivalent, additional visceral organs" of traditional oriental medicine.

Method: 1 female pig stomach, pepper 9 - 15g. Cleaning pig stomach, pepper crushed for use in the stomach and back stitches, bring a small fire stew cooked, add spices processing, drinking water and eating stomach stew, 2-3 days using 1 times. You can arrange with cardamom pepper 15g. Application: Additional pressure, lawsuits, temperate ocean through the circuit.

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