Relieve sore throat burns with trees
According to traditional medicine, burn trees bland, slightly sour, acrid chan, with cool, non-toxic, effective targets inflammation, pain, disinfect



Burned trees also known as life, immortality, chlorophyll student base grows wild and is growing in popularity everywhere for show and do drugs.

Long live tree, the leaves fall to the ground as roots grow into a seedling. This is a plant commonly grown in gardens as an ornamental and medicinal.

Tree high as 40 - 60 cm, rounded body, smooth, succulent, with purple spots. Leaves double diagonal cross, single or composed of 3-4 leaflets thick; serrated edges rounded.

Red or orange flowers, drooping on a rolling body length from the top or side of the leaf. Seasonal flowers in February to May.



Healing effects of burning trees:

- Treatment of minor burns, burn agriculture: Leaf burn no matter the dose, washed, pound burns up to 3-4 times per day.

- Stop the bleeding as broken arms, legs: Take 3-4 leaf burn clean, pound, wound up with a very good hemostatic effect, can be combined grab a fistful of leaves washed, pound mixed with water boiled, extract the juice to drink. If wounds and bruises: Take a handful of leaves burns washed, crushed, add sugar to drink less alcohol.

- Support for the treatment of hemorrhoids: anal Rinse with salt water. Leaf burn clean, pound, squeeze excess water and apply to the anus, using gauze bandage on. 3 times per day with a morning dose of 4 leaves at 2 pm and 4 leaf tobacco. How continuously for about 1 month.

- Cure pimples without pus: Take 30 grams of leaf burn, leaves college 15g, 20g apple leaves. All washed, smashed up on acne day 1-2 times.

- Relieve sore throat: Take 3-4 leaf burn, rinse, chew and swallow slowly sucking throat. 3 times a day will work very well and throat pain. Or: Get 10 life leaves washed, divided 4 leaf chewing morning, afternoon 4 leaves, 2 leaves dark. Chew, suck and swallow all at once, you can use about 3-5 days will have good results.

- League of wine: When intoxicated use 10 leaves burns clean, chew live very effective.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Nga

According to Health Life

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