Great medicinal plant Perilla
Perilla is a common spices for the people of Vietnam. Rau perilla scented, spicy characteristics, warming


Uses and cure of shiso leaf




With its high nutritional value, rich in vitamins A, C, rich in calcium, iron, and P, perilla plants not only can be used for processing the delicious dishes that have high healing properties. From leaves, twigs to the perilla seeds can be used as drugs.

Perilla is the drug of oriental medicine classified as the expression (make sweating) welding style drug dispersed group (group by pathogenic cold) to cure by sweating, fever out.
Perilla also names as é purple, electronic automotive, automotive chain (called death, chained purple because purple tree). No death is wrong with perilla seeds of clary (caution when writing two names are of two herbs are not completely identical and taken from a tree)
Perilla taking warm, spicy, in 3 business waste - center - pressure, non-toxic. Leaves used as a popular spice and herbs are good for looks than sense. Sunflower drinking tea and gas lowering drugs, tranquilizers branches do pregnant. In case the user does not have interchangeable also.

By Assoc. TS. Tran Cong Khanh, Centre for Research and Development Nontraditional medicinal plants, said in medicine, the flavor of shiso is considered a mix of repatriation, licorice, cinnamon and peppermint antiseptic. Therefore, perilla traditional medicine is classified as the expression, of the group dispersed style welded heal by sweating, the feeling, from the fever. When combined with onions (a condiment also stimulate gastric secretion), the porridge out - Perilla will work for those who feel the cold.
In addition, shiso leaf out early when a pitcher brought against the wart several times, the wart disappears. When the flight warts, warts will disappear small.
By Assoc. TS. Tran Cong Khanh, in addition to the effects of perilla leaves, perilla seed (called Car-mail) to 40% fatty oil. The oil is pressed from the seeds of perilla oil can also be a food and medicine.
The medicine from perilla:
- Cure rashes, skin beauty: Vo sliced ​​shiso leaves the bath, shiso leaf residue can be covered in itchy skin.
- Relieve cold cough: 150g fresh shiso leaves, finely chopped 3 fresh onions in hot soup to eat while still hot.
- Cure colds: A grasp shiso leaves cooked with water or with shiso leaf marjoram, basil, exhaust leaves, bamboo leaves cooked with water to steam.
- Treatment of fever, headache, stuffy nose: Perilla Seed 120g, 8g tangerine peel, licorice male 10g, 3 slices fresh ginger color with hot water 1 times 1 day.
- Treatment of abdominal pain, bloating full-bye shiso leaf grab a bowl, mix a pinch of salt to drink once.
- Treatment of bleeding due to coughing, vomiting, diarrhea: Get shiso leaf sticking to the pot boiling residue, high concentration. Get a little red beans roasted, crushed and mixed with high-members to take small particles, each 50 members. This drug will be somewhat limited bleeding.
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