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According to traditional medicine, fruit lizard sweet, cool, pitch and kidney effects, very good for men as weak physiological



The fruit is fruit lizards were collected from the fig tree lizards, scientific name is Ficus pumila, belonging to the mulberry. According to traditional medicine, Vietnam, lizards fruit is sweet, cool, and kidney effects pitch, intentionally, blood work, low interest, through milk.


Used as a tonic effect, portable satellite treatment, erectile dysfunction, impotence, back pain, bedwetting, dysentery long, irregular menstruation, orchitis, rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, emphysema cancer, hemorrhoids protrude dom, sa womb, engorgement and turbid urine.
Everyday use 10-20g dried fruits excellent drinking water, effective aphrodisiac, increasing the strength of men, taken regularly helps control heart attacks and cancer prevention.

Complementary drink alcohol soaked crystal cell cure impotence is taken branches, leaves, young pods around 100g dried black beans 50g. Coarse grind soaked in 250ml and 2 second white wine, soak 10 days, drink 10ml per day, 3 times day. It can be made into a refreshing drink heat. Ripe fruit washed, minced, for the last bag squeezed juice. Leave a while it will block east of components due to mucus in effect, bring the yarn states like jelly, add sugar to eat or drink very well.
Using herbal or natural herbs to nourish great vigor in the absence of toxic or side effects. But to use the correct dosage, choosing the right herbs, next to combine eating enough, regular physical exercise to strengthen the vitality and health of fullness. Avoid use of such drugs or confusion is dangerous for life.
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